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Welcome to the Kennebunkport-ME photograph gallery! These pictures were taken by John T Maguire from 1998-2007 in Northern New England, from Maine, to New Hampshire, to Vermont and beyond. We're going through our archives to find the best of the best, and will be adding to this collection frequently, so be sure to check back often. Almost all are available for you to purchase as framed photographs, or to just enjoy here. We've just added a Purchase Information page with lots of useful information, as well as details on our new, larger pictures on canvas, so be sure to check it out! New: Our George H. W. Bush/Walkers Point, Kennebunkport Photo Collection
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 Mountain Trip Part One The first few days of our trip t0 the Southern Mountains in October, 2010 .Includes New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Tennessee

Mutley's Maine Photographs, 2008:

Kennebunkport in Pictures, January, 2008 Kennebunkport in Pictures, January, 2008 Oh, my - some oldies, lots of Cape Porpoise and Kennebunkport sunsets and sunrises, and even a few Larries
Kennebunkport in Pictures, February, 2008 Kennebunkport in Pictures, February, 2008 Lots of Cape Porpoise Harbor, a clock tower,a lighthouse,and sunsets or two
Kennebunkport in Pictures, March, 2008 Maine Photographs, March 2008:Cape Porpoise Harbor, Biddeford Pool, Goose Rocks, and the start of our Historic Homes of Kennebunkport collection!
Maine Photographs, April 2008 Maine Photographs, April 2008:We're using a new gallery so you'll need to enable Javascript. This month features the first flowers of spring, as well as Cape Porpoise, Historic Homes, and Goose Rocks Beach...oh, and the Kennebunkport Sea Monster, too!
Maine Photographs, May 2008 Maine Photographs, May 2008: Flowers, chipmunks, and coastline!
Maine Photographs, June 2008 Maine Photographs, June 2008: Flowers, rainy days, and a boat or two!

Maine Photographs, July 2008

Maine Photographs, July 2008: Roses, pinwheels, and boats

Mutley's Maine Photographs, 2007:


Kennebunkport in Pictures, January 2007: Mermaids, wedding cakes, and tugboats.

Kennebunkport in Pictures, March 2007: Cape Porpoise Harbor, Goose Rocks Beach, a horse...

Kennebunkport in Pictures, May 2007: A parade, a president, a flag, a schooner, and even a lighthouse or two! sea shell.

Kennebunkport in Pictures, July 2007: Lobster Summit, Goose Rocks Beach, reflections, 17th Century forts, flowers, and the Clock Farm

Kennebunkport in Pictures, September 2007: Lobster Summit, Goose Rocks Beach, reflections, 17th Century forts, flowers, and the Clock Farm


Kennebunkport in Pictures, February 2007: Cape Porpoise Harbor, a street light, and even a heart!

Kennebunkport in Pictures, April 2007: Snow storms, Easter bunnies and flowers, a big ocean storm, and John playing with his favorite boats!

Kennebunkport in Pictures, June 2007: Lighthouses, Presidents, Walkers Point, and even a Larry or two!

Kennebunkport in Pictures, August 2007: Rivers and streams, moons and suns, sea monsters and puppies!

Kennebunkport in Pictures, October 2007: Maine Foliage!

 Kennebunkport in Pictures, November 2007 Kennebunkport in Pictures, November 2007: Sea horses and foliage...lots and lots of yummy foliage!
 Kennebunkport in Pictures, December 2007 Kennebunkport in Pictures, December 2007: Christmas, Prelude, and the snowiest Maine December in 100 years!

Maine-ly Maine Photographs 2006:

  Kennebunkport in Pictures, January 2006 Sunsets and sunrises from York, to Wells, to Kennebunkport.
  Kennebunkport in Pictures, March 2006  A number of pictures from our 'Ain't that odd?' collection, and a few sunsets too.
  Kennebunkport in Pictures, May 2006 Goose Rocks Beach. spring flowers, and Ms. Sadie Walker Bush.
  Kennebunkport in Pictures, July 2006  Boats, flowers, a beach and a garden...
  Kennebunkport in Pictures, September 2006  The Great Boon Island Light/Oceanside Nubble Tour is the featured subject.
  Kennebunkport in Pictures, November 2006 Drakes Island, Larrys at sunset, sandpipers at dawn, and Thanksgiving Friends.
  Kennebunkport in Pictures, February 2006  Sunsets, sunsets, sunsets, oh, and John
  Kennebunkport in Pictures, April 2006 Goose Rocks, The Kennebunk River and Drakes Island at sunset, oh, and Portland Head Light being airlifted...
  Kennebunkport in Pictures, June 2006 George Bush, Goose Rocks Beach, and flowers, flowers, flowers!
  Kennebunkport in Pictures, August 2006 Beach, fog, schooners, church steeples, and a lobster boat or two!
  Kennebunkport in Pictures, October 2006  Foliage from New Hampshire as well as Maine, and the missing Halloween Day's picture!
  Kennebunkport in Pictures, December 2006 Christmas Prelude, the Nubble lit up for the holidays, annual feeding of the seagulls...

Mutley's Maine Photographs, 2005:

  Kennebunkport in Pictures, December 2005 Santa aboard the lobster boat, photos of the Nubble, Portland Head Lighthouse, and the tree lighting.
  Kennebunkport in Pictures, November 2005 Sunrise at Granite Point, Cape Neddick Light, and the last of the 2005 foliage photographs.

Maine Photograph Collections:

Weird and Unusual Maine Picture Collection   

 Here is our Weird and Unusual Maine Picture Collection. It's made up of our photos that don't fit anywhere else. Animal friends, lobster silhouettes, and even Mutley's self-portrait are all included here.

The Maine Lighthouses Photo Collection   

 59 photographs of Maine lighthouses, including Cape Neddick Light ("The Nubble"), Dover Point Light, Doubling Point Light, Cape Elizabeth Lights, Popham Beach, Wood Island Light, Whaleback Light are all included in our  Maine Lighthouse Photo Collection

 The Boats of Gooch's Creek Photo Collection   

The Boats of Gooch's Creek A Kennebunkport favorite!

 Drakes Island and Wells, Maine Photo Collection  

A winter's worth of stories, condensed into 50 or so pictures.of Drakes Island and Wells, Maine

 Mast Cove, Kennebunkport Photo Collection  

4 seasons of one of out favorite places! Mast Cove and Mill Pond, Kennebunkport

 Goose Rocks Beach Photo Collection   

 Goose Rocks Beach 34 pictures of our favorite sunrise spot!


Our George Bush/Walkers Point, Kennebunkport Photo Collection


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